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  • DEFRA & RCVS Level 2 Approved (UK)
  • Certified Equine Dentist (USA)
  • Member of WWAED (UK)
  • Instructor at the Academy of Equine Dentistry, Idaho USA
  • WWAED rep on LANTRA Veterinary Advisory Committee  
  • Examiner for WWAED Level 2 Exam

Welcome to my website. This site has been launched to further improve the contact between myself and my many clients all over the United Kingdom. In the following pages you will find all the information you need regarding the basics of equine dentistry, a background on myself, the area I cover and all the necessary contact details. The site will be updated on a very regular basis, so please keep your eye on the site for up- to-the-minute developments in the equine dentistry industry.

From Sepetember 2012 all sedated horses at my veterinary dental clinics will be inspected with an oral endoscope. This will allow a more detailed inspection of the horse's mouth. The images will be viewed on a screen for owners to see.